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CISO as a Service

At Altera, our team is made up of experienced cybersecurity professionals, including former and current Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) from major enterprises. We have a successful track record in managing all aspects of enterprise security, from building teams to implementing processes, designing security architecture, managing technology, and ensuring compliance.

What makes us unique is our team's dual expertise in organizational security and with industry leading security vendors. This combination allows us to not only create robust security frameworks but also choose the right technologies that align with your business goals. With Altera, you get a team with the knowledge and experience to build a tailored and effective security solution for your organization.

CISO as a Service main focus areas:

01   Enterprise cybersecurity strategy and yearly plan

02   Risk assessments and recommendations

03   Organizational risk map (including RKIs Risk Key Indicators)

04   Technology and product research, and solution prioritization

05   Security governance, policies and procedures

06   Vulnerability management

07   Incident management processes

08   Secure SDLC

09   Training and Awareness

Why select Altera's CISO as a Service?


Enterprise level expertise

​Altera's team includes former and current Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) from prominent large enterprises. Our security professionals have a demonstrated track record in comprehensive enterprise security management, security teams development, process and procedure implementation, security architecture, technology management, and compliance.

Business oriented approach

We strongly believe that cybersecurity should align with business objectives rather than hinder them. As a result, our entire cybersecurity solution, spanning policies, regulations, and technical implementations, is crafted around the specific needs of the business and its users. This ensures that the security solutions are effective and measurable.

Proven and measurable methodologies

For every task, we utilize industry-standard models and best practices, fine-tuned to be easily measurable and effectively communicated to decision-makers.

A cost-effective solution

Whether you opt for a part-time or full-time dedicated Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), our service ensures the advantages of high-caliber cybersecurity expertise at an optimized cost, leading to savings in your organization's resources and expenditures.

Tailored to your needs 

We understand that each organization is unique. Leveraging the extensive experience of our CISOs, we collaborate closely with you to formulate customized cybersecurity strategies and solutions that align precisely with your unique requirements.

CISO as a Service
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