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Professional Security Services

01   Risk Assessment

With an ever-expanding landscape of potential threats, ranging from cybersecurity vulnerabilities to supply chain disruptions and regulatory changes, the importance of rigorous risk assessment cannot be overstated.

Organizations must adopt a systematic and data-driven approach to identify, evaluate, and mitigate risks effectively.

Altera developed a risk assessment methodology designed to provide businesses with the insights of what are the important assets and the high profile threats that put its business in risk. Together with analytical depth necessary to assess the threats, quantify potential impacts, and develop technical mitigation strategies.

By combining cybersecurity and technological expertise, we empower organizations to make informed decisions, strengthen their risk posture, and safeguard their operations.

Example of risk assessment services:

  • Organizational risk map - business and technological

  • System risk assessment - for specific systems or applications

  • Network risk assessment - a network driven risk analysis

  • Cloud security assessment - analyze the organizational cloud infrastructure and data

  • SaaS security assessment - today a large portion of the organizational data is held in SaaS platforms which are typically out of the control of the inhouse IT teams. Altera provides risk analysis and posture assessment of these platforms, to cover this often overlooked, but critical area

  • Identity management - identify risks and provide recommendations on identity management practices, also including privileged access management and remote management practices.

  • Device management - identify risks and provide recommendations on device management practices, including IT and IoT fleets.

  • Compliance assessment - see “regulatory and compliance” section


What does the risk assessment include?


Each type of assessment has its own characteristics, however all will encompass the following main aspects:

  • Mapping of sensitive data (the ‘crown jewels’) and the critical processes

  • Identifying and prioritizing the threats, in a business-oriented focus

  • Assessment of current security measures, in place to address the identified threats

  • A risk assessment report with prioritized recommendations to close the identified gaps

Combination of Methodological and Hands-On


Altera’s security experts recommend a combined risk assessment approach:

  • A ‘methodological’ approach: interviews with key personnel, review of processes and procedures and analysis of design documentation

  • A hands-on approach: augmenting the ‘manual analysis’ with automated tools, reviewing system configuration, logs, administrative and security data, systems policies and rules, and more.

02   Regulatory Compliance

In the increasingly complex and highly regulated business environment, adherence to stringent regulatory requirements has become a paramount concern for organizations across industries.

Whether your organization operates within the healthcare sector (HIPAA), the financial industry (GLBA), handles personal data under GDPR, or requires compliance to ISO-27001, Altera can help not only to become compliant but also gain a competitive edge by fostering trust, mitigating legal risks, and enhancing operational efficiency.

Altera’s expert services encompass both compliance assessments and comprehensive assistance leading to certification:

  • Gap analysis - identify gaps in regulatory/standard compliance posture and recommend on improvement steps

  • Policies and procedures - review and analyze posture in relation to standards

  • Full program management till certified

  • Expertise in GDPR, SOC2, ….

  • Area specific compliance: Insurance, Privacy,

03   Penetration testing

Organizations face a constant barrage of cyber threats, making it essential to proactively identify and address vulnerabilities before malicious actors can exploit them.


Altera offers a comprehensive and tailored approach to assess your organization's security posture. Through a combination of black box and white box testing methods, we provide a thorough examination of your systems and networks.

The services can be combined or provided separately:

  • Black box testing- resembling the perspective of an external attacker with minimal to no knowledge of the system allows us to identify vulnerabilities that might be visible to potential threats.

  • White box testing, conducted with internal knowledge, delves deep into your infrastructure and applications to uncover vulnerabilities hidden from external view.


Our expertise is enabling us to combine these approaches in an optimized way (optimize resources and time) for a holistic evaluation of your cybersecurity defenses, equipping your organization with the insights needed to secure your systems.

04   SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) Security

Organizations are increasingly realizing the importance of "shifting-left" with their security practices, meaning integrating security considerations early in the development process.

Altera’s SDLC security service is designed to address this crucial requirement. By incorporating "shift-left" principles into our approach, and implementing industry frameworks such as OWASP SAMM 2.0, we ensure that security becomes an integral part of your software development journey from the very beginning.

Altera’s SDLC Security strategy includes:

  • Risk and threat modeling - map the sensitive data and critical functionality in the application, and the threat landscape of the SDLC process, as well as its relation to the deployed code in production

  • Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) Integration - map the security practices implemented along the SDLC and identify gaps increasing the security risk, and provide recommendations to address these gaps. Targeting to integrate security checks into your CI/CD pipelines, allowing for automated testing at every code commit, ensuring that security is an inherent part of your development workflow.

  • Technology and solution evaluation - for implementation of technology solutions such as automated code analysis and vulnerability detection

  • Security Training and Awareness: We provide training and awareness programs for your development teams to ensure that security knowledge is disseminated effectively throughout your organization.

  • Incident Response Planning: We assist in developing an incident response plan tailored to your applications, enabling a swift and coordinated response in the event of a security breach.

  • Compliance and Regulatory Adherence: We ensure that your SDLC security strategy aligns with industry-specific compliance requirements, such as GDPR, HIPAA, or industry standards like OWASP, to help you meet legal and regulatory obligations.

05   Application Security

Altera's team specializes in securing enterprise applications, both introduced as on-the-shelf products, as well as in-house developed solutions. This includes commercial products developed by technological companies and start-ups.

Our experts employ comprehensive review of application architecture and security services, perform penetration testing, deployment configuration and code reviews. 

The analysis identifies potential risks and provides solutions ensuring the robustness of your application.

Together with the Secure SDLC services depicted above, you can rest assured that your applications have the right security mechanisms built in.

06   Incident Response Strategy

With the array of attacking tools ever-increasing, and the introduction of Generative AI tools to craft phishing messages and create attacking tools, the number of threats to organizations at any given time rises sharply.

There are multiple Incident Response metrics, but 2 but of them are at the heart of the issue: time to detect, and time to respond. Altera’s team of professionals is working with our customers to define the IR processes, playbooks, technologies and tools to minimize the above key parameters, solve incidents and implement lessons learned.

Industry numbers reveal that 60% of organizations solve alerts in more than 4 days, while attack time to impact went down to several hours.


This highlights the importance of an effective incident response strategy that can significantly reduce both the financial losses and dwell time associated with security incidents, making it an essential component for organizations striving to protect their assets and maintain regulatory compliance.

Example of deliverables:

  • Incident Response Strategy: based on the specific organizational risk profile, the Altera team will define the IR strategy, the required SLA and the requirements from the IR function in any type of threat. Such a strategy also includes all relevant Business Continuity aspects, reputational, compliance, and other aspects.

  • Playbook definitions - one of the biggest challenges in the IR process is defining the actual technical playbooks in case of a wide area of incidents. Altera’s team has wide experience in designing such processes, working with Managed Detection and Response (MDR) teams and enterprise SoC (Security Operations Center) teams. It is experienced in handling known and unknown threats, human and automated remediation, strict shutdown of services vs business continuity risk management.

  • Solution choosing - manual detection and response to security incidents might not always suffice when attack impact can be seen in a matter of hours and even less. Therefore, as part of the overall IR architecture, Altera’s team can help with IR solution evaluation and selection.

07   IoT/IIoT Security

In today's rapidly evolving industrial landscape, formerly siloed OT networks connect to IT systems, cloud and Internet. While this promises new opportunities for optimization and growth, it also significantly increases the attack surface of the OT systems and presents a formidable challenge: to safeguard these interconnected systems against an ever-expanding array of cyber threats.

The importance of securing these systems cannot be overstated. From safety concerns, through data and IP protection and down to reputational and business continuity risks, the need for a robust, adaptive, and proactive approach to security services has become paramount.

Altera’s team has extensive experience in security of OT and IIoT networks, including in building hands-on an IIoT cybersecurity product that serves large organizations.

Our company stands at the forefront of IIoT/IoT security, and focuses on 2 main areas:

  • Risk assessment - assessment of current security architecture and practices and provide recommendations.Highlight security misconceptions and outdated architecture designs.

  • Solution design - architecture and technological solution design to address the unique demands of IIoT systems and ensure that organizations can harness the full potential of this transformative technology securely and confidently.

Regulatory Compliance
Risk Assessment
Penetration Testing
SDLC Security
IIoT/OT Security
Incident Response Strategy
Application Security
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